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CENTER-LIFT STAND1. What are the tech specs for the center-lift stand?2. Can I lift and store my bike between seasons? Is it gonna be alright?3. Are you sure the main stud is strong enough to hold my bike?4. Why does my bike seem to skid off the sleeve when lifted?5. The front wheel won't take off the ground when lifting the bike! Why?6. The stand is very hard to dock with the bike! Why?7. Please, can you remind me of the handling instructions?8. Did you invent center-lift stand?CRASH BARS, SLIDERS9. Can I lift my bike with crash bars on?10. Can I lift my bike with sliders on?ADAPTER11. May I ride with the sleeves on?12. There's no adapter for my bike model available, I live too far away from your place, I want an adapter badly, what should I do?13. Can I measure my bike myself so that you design an adapter for me?14. How is a bike being measured?15. What is the adapter installation procedure?16. What is a 'rigid hitch' adapter?17. The sleeve sticks out of frame too much! Can it be trimmed in any way?DELIVERY18. Can you deliver my stuff?19. Why order rigid package for a metal item?GENERAL QUESTIONS20. Is this your own product or are you just a reseller?21. What's the idea behind you mobile stands?22. You've got a cool stylish design (your exhibition stand, your site and original package)! Who do you engage for that?MISC23. Compatibility with Honda CBR600RR (2007-2017) fairing?24. How do I mate the stand with BMW R nineT SCRAMBLER and URBAN brake pedal?25. How do I lift Ducati Streetfighter with the shifter?26. How do I lift Ducati Panigale in plastic?27. BMW S1000RR (2009-2014) and HP4 engine mounting bolt(s)28. Note on Honda CB600 Hornet (2007-2012) / CBR600F (2011-2013)29. Can I lift my Suzuki GSSR600 (2006-2011) with crashbars?30. Mating center-lift stand with (Kawasaki Ninja 400R (ER-4N) / ER-6N / ER-6F) with plastic side-covers.31. Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer (2009+)32. Smooth lifting of Honda CB1300DC / X4 (1997-2003)33. Yamaha XSR 900 (2016+) lifting
What are the tech specs for the center-lift stand?The specs vary between generations. Currently, 2 generations have been released:

- 1st gen (2015 - feb-2018): "Motolift Tower LITE" (discontinued product)
- 2nd gen (mar-2018 - present): "Motolift Tower PRO"

ParameterMotolift Tower LITEMotolift Tower PRO
vertical travel, mm120140
adapter height adjustment / step4 positions / 17 mm27 positions / 3 mm
minimal bike clearance, mm10283
load capacity, kg300
weight, kg10.512

IMPORTANT: both 1st and 2nd gen stands fully support all the previously and currently produced adapters.
Can I lift and store my bike between seasons? Is it gonna be alright?Not only you can but you even should lift the bike for storage season - this will only make good for bike's suspension and tyres. As per frame loads - they are misirable compared to those on the bumpy road / with passenger / on the track in "full throttle" mode. Your bike's gonna be happy once 'motolifted' for such storage!
Are you sure the main stud is strong enough to hold my bike?Most adapter kits go with O.D. 17.3+ mm main studs. Here is a real-life example:

Lets refer to a mid-size SUV of up to 2500 kg of max gross weight kind of Jeep Cherokee (KJ) / Jeep Liberty (KK) / Dodge Nitro (KA) that got stuck in mud and pulled away with a tow rope. Naturally, you need much more force to rescue it from the mud compared to flat-road towing. The tow hook on these vehiles is secured with three M12x1.75 bolts. The body of such bolt is only O.D. 10.25 mm wide. Rounding it down to 10.00 mm gives 78.5 mm2 area. Three bolts will give 235.5 mm2 area in total. This area corresponds to the cylinder of O.D. 17.32 mm! Magic? Nope. Just an observed coincidence :)

Your bike weighs 10 times less and it needs no pulling away from the mud, hence there's a huuuuge safety factor!

Why does my bike seem to skid off the sleeve when lifted?There is a small clearance between the sleeve and stud for easiser bike docking. This clearance eliminates when you start the lifting. Prior to sleeve + stud locking some short-track skidding takes place and this is what you are asking about. This travel of several millimeters is normal. The mass of the lifted bike prevents any further skidding so the bike won't move any more. So, everything is alright and no reasons for panic :)
The front wheel won't take off the ground when lifting the bike! Why?Once you have your stand assembled, adapter installed and the bike lifted and the front wheel still rests on the ground then you failed to ensure the following:


The supporting legs should always be securely tightened!


The inclination of the adapter plate can be adjusted (refer to the scheme below). After the proper angle has been set it is required to bolt up the plate to the stand securely. Explanation: the bolt should be tightened enough to hold the plate fixed even under load of the lifted bike. Otherwise the load of the bike will rotate the plate and the front wheel never take off the ground!


The red platform has a special rack that allows you to adjust the height of the stand (refer to the sceme below). The height should be adjusted in such a way that the stand docks with the bike when the lever is fully raised. Otherwise (when the height of the stand is below this optimal level) you will need to pull down the lever to dock with the bike and, effectively, sacrifice the stand's travel. As a result, you will get an insufficient travel with the front wheel still on the ground!


The sleeves will be loose and have no rigidity if not tightened enough. Once lifted the bike will have a side and front pitch. These extremely adverse conditions should always be avoided!


Similarly to the conditions above the supporting stud (usually the top one) should be tightened securely. Usually the stud will stay fixed during tightening due to surface friction. However, if the stud starts rotating then you should grip it with sandpaper/pliers/pipe wrench etc in order to tighten it securely. Otherwise you may run into negative effects discussed above.

The stand is very hard to dock with the bike! Why? The tower is inclined to a specially designed angle. Hence, the studs on the adapter plate do not lie on the horizontal surface. Therefore when docking one needs to slightly incline the bike towards the stand so that the studs (on the adapter plate) and the corresponding sleeves (on the bike) lie on the parallel surfaces. If during docking the bike is held vertically then the process looks more like hammering a stud into the non-colinear sleeve! This is wrong, destructive and, obviously, hard to perform. This is a typical newbie mistake! However, 10-15 docking operations give one the feeling of the proper travel of the stud into the sleeve.
Please, can you remind me of the handling instructions?(NOTE: only 1st-generation stand kit was equipped with the backpack!)
The case is a BACKPACK rather than a BAG! It follows that our backpack should be handled in vertical position when the straps work fine (strain forces). When you try pulling up the backpack horizontally then the straps receive a 90-degree tearing force. The backpack is not qualified for such forces and the straps may damage the joint place.
Conclusion: do use backpack in vertical position!

Did you invent center-lift stand?German guys were the first to introduce frame-lifting method in mid-2000's. However, we decided not to copy existing approaches and came up with our original design. We can proudly state that we are the pioneers in dual-side lifting. As of Apr-2017 there hasn't been anything alike in the world.
Can I lift my bike with crash bars on?Crash bars are designed to keep everthying away from the protected area (carter, gear case, covers etc). Center-lift stand is likely to have limited access to bike's frame because of such bars. Additionally, crash bars often occupy same mounting points as the sleeves of the adapter kit do. Hence, crash bars may be a problem using the stand. Nonetheless, we've successfully designed a number of adapter kits that are compatible with the crash bars. For instance, KTM Superduke 1290 (2014+) with crash bars is center-lift-stand-friendly. We have designed 3 adapter versions for Honda CB600 Hornet (2007-2012) to fit: (a) Crazy Iron, (b) Armor bike and (c) custom fabrication bars. That's why each particular case should be examined first. It's likely that we may come up with a nice adapter design for your motorcycle with crash-bars on.
Can I lift my bike with sliders on?Sliders alike crash bars from the case above are designed to keep everything away from the protected area on the bike. Depending on the location of the installed sliders our center-lift stand may become an "unwanted guest" although this happens much fewer than with the crash bars. Things get worse when sliders are installed in the locations where adapter sleeves are to be placed (swingarm axle, rear engine mounting bolt). Likewise the previous case with crash bars, each particular motorcycle with sliders should be examined first.
May I ride with the sleeves on?Sure! In most cases it's absolutely fine to ride a bike with the sleeves installed. We strongly recommend to use a light tap securing agent to prevent the sleeve from loosening due to heat and vibration cycles.
Nonetheless, there is a shortlist of bikes that are not quite good for riding with sleeves. The reason is that the mounting slots are either not deep enough or missing so that the sleeves will stick out of the frame too much. If that's the case it might be a bad idea to ride such a bike just because you can hit the sleeve with your leg. Instead, we recommend going for a short-sleeve adapter version
There's no adapter for my bike model available, I live too far away from your place, I want an adapter badly, what should I do?Well, if you can't provide us with your bike for measurement and you don't have any other fellow-biker with the same bike located in Moscow either, there's only one chance to get an adapter: join the 'waiting list' and we'll inform you straight away we have such an adapter! Just give us your e-mail address. The rest is our job.
Can I measure my bike myself so that you design an adapter for me?Quite a popular question! However, the answer is NO and that is why:
(1) you don't have a special tool to read proper dimensions in different planes (linear and angular) while we manufactured such!
(2) you can't position a stand against the bike without having the stand, right?. Failing to do so will result in poor adapter performance - bad travel and collisions (the plastic, body, pegs, engine covers etc).
How is a bike being measured?Meeting #1 - initial measurement
Not a single photo can give a clue on the future adapter better than a real-life tryout. Once we ensure that nothing prevents the bike from lifting with a center-lift stand, we get down to measurement. Additionally, we locate the optimal position for the future adapter. The procedure takes approx. 30 minutes per side.

Meeting #2 - pilot adapter fitting
At this checkpoint we have a pilot adapter that requires minor adjustments only. Trying-on takes about 15 minutes per side. That's all about the pilot adapter if no considerable modifications required. Otherwise, in a very rare case, some unexpected technical issues may require considerable adapter redesign, hence another meeting will take place.

Meeting #3 - final adapter
Our brand new adapter is now ready! We lift up the bike and take pictures for our gallery. A new happy owner receives a discount for the adapter.

* * *

Timing: usually there's a several days interval between the meetings. Express-option: the whole story can shrink down to several days if the bike rests in our workshop.

During low moto season when the bikes are parked in we visit the owners for measurement ourselves. When motoseason is on, bike owners ride their bikes down to our workshop for adapter operations (Moscow/Odintsovo, Russia). .

Some minor part of used pilot adapters:

What is the adapter installation procedure?Basically, you take the following steps:
- install the sleeves on the bike (if required)
- install the mating parts on the stand
- adjust the adapter plate against the stand
- torque up the bolts
There's a brief illustrated instruction on the back side of each adapter box that shows the correct setup for a particular model.

Do not tighten the stud that has an "upward-downward" adjustment: instead, fully screw the stud by hand and then loosen it a bit (leave the stud with a minor end-play). The stud will hold the bike securely anyway, and give you the ease of docking.

What is a 'rigid hitch' adapter?Regular adapters allow an easy docking with the bike: the stud of the adapter travels into the sleeve installed on the bike. When lifted, the mass of the motorcycle holds (locks) the stud inside the sleeve and prevents the bike from falling off the stand.
However, there are some bikes that use a 'rigid hitch' attachment which means the stand is bolted up to the motorcycle. Such approach is reasonable when the bike's frame doesn't allow regular docking for technical reasons.

Upon individual customer request we can manufacture 'rigid hitch' version for a 'regular' bike (if technically possible).
The sleeve sticks out of frame too much! Can it be trimmed in any way?Our standard sleeves have a length of 50 mm. Some motorcycles have very shallow wells in the frame so the installed sleeves may protrude considerably. We strongly discourage you from riding a bike with an extremely protruding sleeves if you can hit them with your legs when riding!

Instead, we recommend going for short version of sleeves and studs (at a minor extra cost):
- upon request we manufacture the shortened parts depending on your frame features
- new parts will have holes for fixing with an external pin (pin not included)
- after docking the stud and the sleeve are pinned together
- the regular lifting is performed

Such a design ensures secure lifting and prevents the bike from jumping off the short stud. Eventually, you get a 'rigid_hitch' adapter effect without the need for additional mounting/demounting operations.

The first three pictures below show Honda CBR600RR (2007-2017) with a standard sleeve (sticks out by 30...35 mm) and a short version (15 mm protrusion).

Currently, the short version is recommended for:
- HONDA CB1000R (2008-2015)
- HONDA CBR600RR (2003-2006)
- HONDA CBR600RR (2007-2017)
- HONDA CBR1000RR (2004-2007)
- KAWASAKI Z1000 (2010+)
- SUZUKI GSR600 (2006-2011)
- YAMAHA FZ6N (2004-2011)

Can you deliver my stuff?Yes, we can. Delivery outside Moscow, Russia is performed by the following services:

- PEC:
- Business Lines:
- Kit:

Besides that we can use alternative delivery services if the mentioned ones are missing in your location.
Why order rigid package for a metal item?Center-lift stand is shipped in cardboard box whilst rear-wheel stands are taped all over. By default, we go for 'rigid packaging' option when shipping via delivery services. We do so after once our goods delivered without such boxing were damaged. As per client's responsibility and request we can send the stands without such packaging.

Here are the "rigid-packaging" charges of some shipping agents:
- PEC (~300 RUB)
- Business Lines (~300 RUB)
- Kit (150 RUB)

Is this your own product or are you just a reseller?We do manufacture all the items listed on our site using our own production facilities from scratch (from the initial idea to a final series).
What's the idea behind you mobile stands?There are several core features of our products:
1. Ease of use. Ease - is our fetish :)
2. Reliability. We perfectly realise, no one needs trashy crap
3. Quality. You work with quality equipment faster and with pleasure.
4. Compact. We prefer compact and detachable stuff - refer #1 above
You've got a cool stylish design (your exhibition stand, your site and original package)! Who do you engage for that?Thanks a lot! :) We're trying to push the limits from the very start and benefit from our own talents and resources and, finally, guide ourselves in accordance with the saying: "Wanna have it done good - do yourself!"
Compatibility with Honda CBR600RR (2007-2017) fairing?This model came with 2 types of plastic both of which had versions with an additional plastic cap fully covering the engine bay. This cap will bring you problems just because it (a) partially covers the hole that is used by the adapter sleeve and (b) will not allow the stand to come close to the bike's frame. Hence, you should remove this plastic cap to use the center-lift stand.
How do I mate the stand with BMW R nineT SCRAMBLER and URBAN brake pedal?SCRAMBLER and URBAN versions go with a brake pedal that has an expressively large triangular foot-rest. The "back side" of the pad will collide with the tower and won't let the stand reach the bike. Troubleshooting: demount the entire pedal (just unscrew 2 bolts to remove the part). If the bike is fit with an aftermarket pedal - it's likely no collision will occur.

Meanwhile, PURE/RACER/SPORT versions go with a slim pedal foot-rest and therefore no collisions will occur.

How do I lift Ducati Streetfighter with the shifter?Streetfighter's shifter will hit the stand and won't let it approach the left side of the motorcycle. To get round this problem you just need to release the shifter and pull it aside (on the photo below the shifter rests on the bike's kickstand; only 1 bolt required removal; red dotted line shows the shifter mounting slot). Contrary to this, right-side lifting has no conflicts or any other problems - the stand fits smoothly. The geometry of this motorcycle will not allow seamless docking of the stand on both left and right sides. In order to support both left and right side lifting capability we designed such a compromise adapter.

Upon individual request we can manufacture a separate adapter for the left-side that requires no shifter removal.

How do I lift Ducati Panigale in plastic?Plastic on Panigale 899/1199 and 959 partially covers the swingarm axle hole and prevents the adapter from sliding in. There are 2 options available:
(1) Remove the mounting bolts from the plastic (left and bottom) and pull down the fender manually so that the adapter stud enters the axle hole. This requires some effort and patience as long as plastic is rather rigid and will resist. However, this method allows stand docking without any damage to the plastic.
(2) Plastic trimming
Trim plastic half-round away as shown on the picture below and make your stand attach to the bike easily. Such fine cutout looks pretty natural on the bike. Recommended.

BMW S1000RR (2009-2014) and HP4 engine mounting bolt(s)These bikes go with 2 different types of engine mouting bolts:
(A) 2 short bolts (two threads in the block)
(B) 1 long bolt (go-through-hole block)

The following adapters are available:

- S1000RR: type "B" (one go-through bolt).
- S1000RR HP4: type "A" (two short bolts).

Please check out your mounting type prior to placing an order.

Should you have a different mounting type than the one used in our adapter, please give us a notice - we will examine your version and come up with a proper adapter update.

Note on Honda CB600 Hornet (2007-2012) / CBR600F (2011-2013)We produce RIGHT-side adapters for stock Hornets.
Besides, there are 2 versions to go with crash bars:
(1) Crash bars mounted to the frame without spacers: RIGHT-side lifting
(2) Crash bars (Crazy Iron, Armot Bike) mounted to the frame with spacers: LEFT + RIGHT side lifting.

All of the above also corresponds to CBR600F (2011-2013) as long as it shares Hornet's frame.

Can I lift my Suzuki GSSR600 (2006-2011) with crashbars?Yes, you can. However, limitations apply: LEFT-side only + you need to replace our threaded stud with a longer one (can be ordered from us).
Additionally, as per customer request we can manufacture a RIGHT-side RIGID-hitch adapter to go with Crazy Iron crashbars.
Mating center-lift stand with (Kawasaki Ninja 400R (ER-4N) / ER-6N / ER-6F) with plastic side-covers.Kawasaki Ninja 400R (ER-4N) (2010-2013) / ER-6N (2009-2011) / ER-6F (2012-2016) use plastic side-covers to hide the frame and eventually the mounting points required by the center-lift stand. In order to use the adapter one needs to either remove the side-cover (they latch away easily once a decor bolt is released) or provide two corresponding circle holes to let the adapter studs go through the side-covers.
Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer (2009+)Honda VFR1200F and Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer both share sinlge frame and hence the same adapter kit can be used for both models. However, Crosstourer is several centimeters higher which requires a taller stand. Solution: a 50mm spacer between vertical bar and supporting legs may be used (however, rib modification is required). Upon individual request we can manufacture such a conversion kit (6 spacers, additional mid-plate, 6 long studs w/ nuts and a modified rib). Kit price = 2500 RUB.
Smooth lifting of Honda CB1300DC / X4 (1997-2003)Due to bike's design and center of mass we recommend you go for 'rigid hitch' adapter. This will ensure nice horizontal and vertical levels of the bike whereas regular adapter will allow some inclination towards right side. To use the rigid-hitch adapter you just need to temporarily replace 2 nuts (engine mounting and swingarm axle bolts) with the studs from the adapter kit.
Yamaha XSR 900 (2016+) lifting Frame design and large front suspension travel imply some limitaions: there is a maximum clearance of 1 cm under the front wheel when lifted (rigid-hitch adapter design) and smaller (regular adapter design).
It follows that:
- currently only rigid-hitch adapter design is available
- only 2-nd generation stand (140 mm travel) is applicable

1-st generation stand has an effective travel of only 120 mm and won't be able to lift the bike fully.